Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission

This article shows how out of touch the regulators are in the state of Arkansas are when it comes to starting a business. While every applicant had to submit a plan to then execute that plan after being granted takes time. The application process was completed over a year before a license was granted. The location you thought you would have is no longer available causing you to search for a new one that meets the regulatory requirements in place. Individuals you had identified as key employees to set up and manage this operation may have moved onto other jobs based on the amount of time it was taking. Security standards that were required to be in place would create an issue to receive bids, installation, and inspection to ensure compliance. Hiring, training and background checks take time also perhaps it is easy if you are shifting people from one store front to another. While some might complain about the regulations, the true issue is the state cannot expect someone to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars and hope they receive a license and be ready to unlock the door day one.

Brett Morrison