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The news continues to talk about tourists dying while vacationing in the Dominican Republic from some type of mysterious illness.  The FBI and CDC are conducting investigations on 6 of the deaths that have occurred I have read two different numbers one being 10 and the other 11, and others that are saying they have become severely ill. In a press release issued by the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism they had a 6.2% increase in tourism in 2018 that is a total of 6.5 million tourists and in the first two months of 2019 604,977 tourists.

You will make a decision on if you go, think about your awareness and how to best protect yourself.

·     Plan ahead that you might eat something that could cause stomach issues, see your doctor and get the recommended prescriptions or suggested medications before you go and understand how to take them.  

·     Think about the food you eat and remember that you get a warning about eating raw or undercooked foods in the US at every restaurant here at home.  This morning may not be on a menu outside of the country. 

·     One area that is mentioned is that tainted alcohol may have been involved, remember ice and water added to your drinks could be causing some of the illness you are experiencing.  Always control your drink and don’t leave and then comeback and finish it.  Make sure all seals are not broken on your drinks in the mini bar in your room or any bottles purchased at stores.  Don’t buy from street vendors, quality cannot be guaranteed. 

·     Think about where you are staying, are you in a hotel room, villa, condo, or private residence. We take this for granted in the United States, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are common in our homes and places we stay.  The location you are staying might be more self-contained with its own water heater or furnace.  Some of the symptoms for Carbon Monoxide poisoning mirror food poisoning. 

o  See this link for the Mayo Clinic regarding carbon monoxide symptoms

o  You can purchase a battery-operated detector, put it in your bag and be prepared. 7.99 pretty inexpensive peace of mind.

 Global Security Solutions offers Your Ticket to Travel Safety training for business, leisure, and church missions.  This training can be tailored to your travel destinations. 

Brett Morrison